Department of Hindi


    Department of Hindi is one of the Leading Language department of the institution, Which is known for its academic activities regularly. Annually take admission to the department are more than 700 students at U.G. and P.G. Level. on an average 500 students pass out by U. G. degree annually with the subject of Hindi as a optional subject and second Language Hindi. Departmental Teaching staff are always devoted to their work and well being of the students. Also few student are admitted for P.G. Level M.A. Hindi and Ph. D The department always aims to provide quality education to rural and educationally backward students.


    The Department was established in July 1967, at the time of establishment of our college. Prof. Amirchand Rathi was the first pioneer Head of the department and introduced ‘Hindi Language and Literature’ as one of the optional Subject and second Language for degree level, Then in the year 1995, Dr. B.D. Waghmare becomes the Head of the department of Hindi along with associated Dr. R.H. Pawar, Dr. S.V. Narwade and junior College Teachers. Dr. B.D. Waghmare becomes the principal of our institution in the year 2018. He was retired in 2021. Under the guidance of Dr. B.D. Waghmare, 05 students were awarded Ph. D Degree. Dr. S.V. Narwade joined to the department as a senior faculty since from 1995. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. S.V. Narwade, 01 Student are awarded Ph.D. and 4 students working, Dr. S.V. Narwade become the I/C Principal of our college in 2012. In 2012 Minor Research Project funded by the U.G.C was sanctioned to Dr. S.V. Narwade and he has successfully completed it. Dr. S.V. Narwade becomes professor in 2021.


  • To develop the understanding of basic concept of Hindi Language and Literature.
  • To Conduct various extension programmed to promote the Hindi Language and Literature among the Common Peoples.
  • To Focus on the Comparative literature and research.
  • To Promote the Students for Higher Education and Research Aptitude.
  • To Study regional language, Literature and Translation.
  • To update and upgrade Hindi Teaching and Research by Conducting Special Lectures, Seminars and workshop by eminent Scholars. To train the students to write creative writing and translation.

Co-curriculam Activity::

  • Poster Presentation
  • Seminars, Group Discussion
  • Study Ecursions
  • Quiz Competion


  • Research Center
  • Online Teaching, Learning & Evaluation
  • Research Scholar’s Room
  • Hindi Literary Club (Sahitya Samiti)


Courses Offered::