The Department of Political Science is one of the leading social science departments of the college, which is known for its conducting curricular and co-curricular activities regularly. More than 400 students forUG and more than 150 students for PG annually take admission to the Department. On an average 75% students pass out by UG & PG degree. Departmental staff always devoted their work and well being of the students.Our department has provided all library facilities to the all students. Our department has provided research facilities to the research students.


    Adarsh Education Society was established during year 1966-67 and Adarsh College was established in June 1967 Political Science was the subject from date of beginning of the college. Up to June 1972 there was one department runs two optional subjects Political Science and Public Administration Prof. K. S. Deshmukh was the HOD. Prof. A. M. Agarkar become HOD after Prof. Deshmukh in 1973 Political Science department was Separated from Public Administration and Prof. N. M. Kala become HOD of Political Science. Prof. Dr. Vilas Aghav is working as HOD since 2002. P.G. Department was started during year 1998-99. Department runs organized Marathwada level conference in Political Science and Public Administration. Every year one student of our department has been participating in the common wealth parliamentary Association (CPA) Assembly sessions of maharashtra state. Day by day students are taking more and more interest in the subject. The most important thing is that from the year 2001 to 2021 every year student of our department Stood in Merit list of SRTMU, Nanded. Not only this but during the year 2005 – 2021 the first rank holders from university are from our department only. Dr. Vilas Aghav HOD is working as Ph.D. guide. Fifteen students obtained Ph.D. degree under his guidance. And Six student are doing their research now a days. Dr. Vilas Aghav is working as Chairman of BOS in Political Science also he is faculty and RAC & RRC member of the SRTMU, Nanded. Prof. G. P. Chavan of the said department has completed his M.Phil. and his work of Ph.D. is going on. He has done good work as a co-Ordinator of GadhiVichar Manch examination he was chief of cultural department our college. Prof. S. K. Pole of our department has completed SET Exam. in Political Science. Political Science department is every day for development students. We have established “Political Science Study Forum” through which we organized Gust lectures, wall paper, Seminar, Tour Etc. are regularly organized.These things create social awareness among them.


  • Students will come to understand the means of inquiry in the social sciences generally, and in political science in particular. This will include an understanding of how knowledge about politics and government is generated by political scientists working within their discipline.
  • Students will acquire a working knowledge of the Indian and international political system. This will include gaining an understanding of the nation’s political institutions, political culture, and political ideologies, as well as how public policy is decided upon and implemented.
  • Students will come to understand that there are various types of political systems around the world, and that these may differ from each other with regard to their individual political institutions, political culture, political ideologies, and public policies.
  • Students will learn about the concepts, theories, and data needed to comprehend the interactions of nations that constitute international relations, and the nature of such global institutions as the United Nations, regional alliances, and international law.
  • Students will become aware of the crucial questions raised by classical and contemporary political philosophers, and of some of the solutions proposed by them to answer fundamental questions about the role of politics in human being.
  • Students will be prepared to take entry level jobs in the public or private sector or to undertake graduate study, whether academic (e.g., master’s or doctoral programs in political science) or professional (e.g., law or public administration).

Co-curriculam Activity::

  • Poster Presentation
  • Students Seminar
  • Guest Lecture
  • Study Tour
  • Competitive Examination Guide


  • Departmental Library
  • University Exam. Past Question Paper Set


Courses Offered::