Department of Chemistry


    Department of Chemistry is the prime department of College with nearly 250 students as an average. Department is one of the best for its teaching activity.


    The department of chemistry was established in the year 1968. Prof.V.P. Shinde wasappointed as head of the department in the year1968. Under his headship,lots ofdevelopment take place in the department with the existence of faculty members. Prof.D.T.Debadwar, Prof. Z.M.Lunawat, and Prof.V.S.Naik. Later, Prof.Z.M.Lunawat was Appointed as Head in the department in the year 1980.He served the department for 22 years during which he made a valuable contribution in developing the department in technical and infrastructural aspects.After the retirement of Prof. Z.M.Lunawat, Prof.V.S.Naik took charge as head of the department in year 2002, who continue as head till his retirement. In the year 2012 Dr. A. V. Pawde appointed as Head of Department till 2019. After that in the year 2019 Prof. Ku. S. S. Wagh took the charge of Head of Department and leading Department of chemistry ahead. At present the department has the permanent faculty members Prof. Ku. S. S. Wagh Head of Department, Dr. A. V. Pawde Asst. Professor and Mr. A. K. Pathan and Two faculty as CHB members, non-teaching faculty includes Shree P. N. Nagre Lab. Assistant Shree S. M. Lonkar and Shree Subhash Vallapwar


  • To build fundamental knowledge of chemistry in the classroom and laboratory course
  • To prepare the students with the theoretical and practical principles of chemistry
  • To comprehend the relationship between scientific theory and laboratory experiments.
  • To channel chemistry graduates to advanced study programs
  • To prepare B.Sc. Chemistry students for M.Sc. Chemistry, IIT JAM, and other competitive exams.

Co-curriculam Activity::

  • Poster Presentation
  • Seminars
  • Study Tour


  • 1) Well-equipped laboratories
  • 2) Departmental library


Courses Offered::