Department of Dairy Science


    The Department of Dairy Science is established department in Adarsh Educational Society’s Arts, Commerce and Science College Hingoli, in the year of 1982. This Educational Institute was established in 1969. This will further cater the needs of the students by providing a common platform for the students to develop their technical skills pertaining to the areas of both Animal Husbandry and Dairying in rural area allowing them to flourish as researchers, academician and entrepreneurs. Dairy science and technology is a field that encompasses the skill of processing of milk and production of all dairy products as well as the methods used in the dairy industry. Milk itself has also become a key ingredient for the deployment of probiotics and the development of functional food products designed to improve consumer health. As such, dairy products have become an area of accelerated research and innovation, particularly in the areas of processing, sustainability, and health, and marketing strategy.


    Under restructuring of courses in 1982, The university Grant Commission New Delhi, has granted the course, “ Dairy Science” to our college, it was the second college in this area to be granted by University Grant Commission New Delhi, In Maharashtra. Dairy Science subject is taught in a very few college at degree level. During the same period the Junior college has granted two courses under the dairy science department i. e. Animal Science and Dairy Science (B2), Mr. D .L. Ghuge, Mr. D. R. Pawar 22/07/1997 and 25/07/1997 has been appointed respectively for same courses. During the period of academic year 20/09/1999 Mr. R. R. Kamble has been appointed as an instructor for dairy science subject. In 1987 Mr.S. A. Kulkarni was appointed as a full time teacher in senior college associated with Mr. D.M. Ghumnar Mr. S.A Kulkarni has completed Ph. D on Entitled “Taxonomical studies on the protozoan ciliates from the rumen of Indian Buffalo” and also completed one minor research project sancted by University Grant Commission, Ganeshkhind Pune. during academic period of 1997 Mr. P. T. Gangasagare has been appointed as second Full time teacher and strength students has been increases day by day . In 2002 P. T. Gangasagare has sanctioned M.R.P. With Entitled “productivity measures for improvement in dairy industery in marathwada region “from University Grant Commission Ganesh khind , Pune .and in year 2007. Ph. D degree awarded in Dairy Science from Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Nanded and today he has been nominated as BOS u/s 42 (2) (c) and through BOS u/s 48 (3)(a (iv)Examination and Evaluation in Dairy Science Subject. In 13-03-2020 he has become a post graduate teacher under the faculty of Science and Technology.


  • To Encourage and promote the Students in scientific research and development activity in related and allied subject
  • To promote and participate the students in every way in the rational and economical development of dairying and Dairy Farming in rural as well as urban area.
  • To provide opportunities for the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and idea gained from experiments and experience through lecture, conference and seminar.
  • Ability to clearly communicate technical concepts both orally and in writing.
  • Increase rural employment opportunities through Dairy Entrepreneurship.

Co-curriculam Activity::

  • Guest lecture arranged from expertise in each academic year.
  • Educational Tour in Milk Processing and Manufacturing plant.
  • Excursion Report from Animal Breeding Research centers.
  • Educational visit to Veterinary Hospital.
  • Educational Tour to collect different feeds and fodders.
  • Educational Visit to Dairy Farming
  • Poster Presentation.
  • Seminar.


  • Well established laboratory with having different models and posters of different cattle breeds.
  • Equipments for milking and Handling of Milk.
  • Different chemicals to analysis the properties of Milk.
  • Machineries for processing of raw Milk.

Professional Membership::

  • Membership of Indian Dairy Science Journal. Pusa, New Delhi.
  • Membership of Indian Dairy Man Journal. Pusa, New Delhi.
  • Membership of Live-Stock International Journal. Saharanpur (U.P.)
  • Membership of Vision Group of Research Journal, Jyotichandra Pvt. Ltd.


Courses Offered::