Department of Mathematics


    The department has well-established computer lab. Under the guidance of head of department Dr. A.D.Kadam, the department provides skill-based education along with regular curriculum. 150 students have taken Mathematics as optional subject for B.SC. Degree in year 20021-22. Both the faculties Dr.A.D.Kadam and Dr.S.P.Hatkar are research supervisor and worked as NSS program officer, Chief superintendent, IQAC member, UGC committee in the institution.


    The subject Mathematics was started in 1968 in the college. The department has contributed to the glories of history of the institute in the unique distinguished manner. Under the leadership of Mr.S.D.Khatod and in co-operation with lecturers Mr. I.L.Nagare, Mr. P.N.Dasare, Mr.O.S.Indani, the department performed brilliantly. The department is proud of all the students working in different fields at home and abroad. We are especially happy that students of Mathematics have excelled in different types of exams such as NET/SET, Banking, MPSC etc. The students of the departments are mainly working as mathematics teachers in this area. The students of the departments participated in various seminar competitions.


  • To provide a solid education in the basic subjects of mathematical knowledge and its application
  • Knowledge of mathematical research and ability to communicate mathematical ideas and concepts with clarity and coherence.
  • Ability to generalization, abstraction, logical reasoning to be familiar with proof techniques and know how to apply the logic in mathematical proofs.
  • To provide the knowledge of mathematical software’s and its applications.
  • Ability to formulate and solve problems including mathematical modeling of real situations.
  • Qualities of individual work and ability to work in teams.

Co-curriculam Activity::

  • Vidyarthi Ganit Mandal.
  • Participation in University level seminar competition.
  • Conduction and Participation of Madhava Mathematics competition in collaboration with S.P. College, TIFR, NBHM.


  • Well-equipped computer laboratory for Mathematical software education.


Courses Offered::

  1. B. Sc.